Rebecca fortuna
professional Actor, Dancer, presenter: 25+ YEARS
Acting and performance coach for kids & teens: 16+ Years 
DIrector / choreographer: 16+ Years 
Acting and performance school Owner:

qualified Intimacy Coordinator & CHOreographer
Accreditation and training:
Intimacy Directors and coordinators (IDC - USA) - (Level 2)
Intimacy On set (ITa O'Brien - UK) (Level 1) - equity foundation australia 
Mental Health FIRST AID (2021) - arts wellbeing collective 
non-violent communication (2021) - NYC NVC 
*Please get in contact for a CV with full list of qualifications and experience 
I am an advocate for empowering the next generation of actors. I want young actors entering the industry, to know how to protect and stand up for
themselves and strongly believe that training has to start in school. 
To find a safe way to include physical contact in performance, scene work and improvisation. Giving students autonomy over their bodies and aiding them to discover their boundaries and learn how to give and receive consent. The result is intimate stories, which include close physical proximity and contact, safely. The goal is to create unique, truthful and dynamic performances without compromising student's mental health or blurring the lines between the story and their reality. 

workshops, rehearsals, webinars & more:
Intimacy: A Safe Approach @ Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia 
Navigating Boundaries, Consent and Intimacy for Youth @ Drama Victoria 2021 Conference 
Intimacy in the Film Industry @ RMIT University 
I teach in-person workshop for actors and creatives on consent & boundaries in performance. 
I can tailor a workshop to meet your needs. Examples include: 
- In-class program teaching consent and boundaries 
- Scene Study including consent and boundaries 
- Consent and boundaries in improvisation 
- Cast rehearsal workshop for a theatre or musical production 
Producing or Directing a play or musical that contains intimate content? Partner dancing, kissing, hand holding, physical contact?
The benefits of hiring an intimacy choreographer:
- Support the actors so they feel safe, comfortable and confident to perform their role and any direction required
- Support the Director's vision in telling the story
- Implementing consent and boundary guidelines that are incorporated into the process, from rehearsal to production 
- Choreography (eg. kissing or hugging scenes) - create repeatable movement that tells the story and keeps young actors safe 
- Aid the Director in shaping the scene and be a present and objective third party 
- Create action that serves the character only 

- A hassle free experience
- A professional process - No awkward conversations or uncomfortable rehearsals
- Open communication 
- Actors feeling safe, so they can perform the role comfortably and to the best of their ability 
Get in touch today to discuss a program, workshop or choreography session/s for your school. 
Please feel free to contact me to discuss or learn more about intimacy and hiring an intimacy coordinator or consultant. 
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