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Rebecca fortuna - Intimacy Coordinator (qualified) 
Accreditation and training:
Intimacy Directors and coordinators(IDC - USA) - Certified*
Intimacy On set (ITa O'Brien - UK) 
Mental Health FIRST AID  
What is intimacy coordination? 
An intimacy coordinator is a liaison between actors and production for scenes involving nudity/hyper-exposed work, simulated sex acts, and intimate physical contact. We facilitate communication and consent conversations; empowering actors, so they can be fully engaged in intimate scenes and feel confident to do their best work and achieve the director's vision. 
"It’s all about making actors feel confident, so they can serve the director’s artistic vision and make intimate scenes 
passionate, sensual, funny, scary, awkward or uncomfortable; whatever is required."
An intimacy coordinator can assist the Director, when requested, to choreograph intimate content to serve the story, working with the Director to fulfil their artistic vision and find new and interesting ways to advance the story through movement; that tells the audience more about the character and their relationships. We treat intimate choreography like fight choreography. You would never give 2 actors a sword each and say ‘there you go, you work it out.’  It should be the same for intimate content. 
Should we hire an intimacy coordinator? 
If your production includes scenes of simulated sex or nudity then the recommendation is to have an intimacy professional on your team. Intimacy professionals can assist with all moments of physical contact and help actors feel confident with the physical storytelling. This can include stories of: relationships, doctor/patient, child/parent etc.
Intimacy professionals communicate between multiple departments to ensure that all required information is relayed between everyone involved before we are on set. Having an intimacy professional on your team will assist the director to fulfil their vision and make the filming process more efficient and run smoothly on the day, as well as help the actors to do their best work. 
My Journey:
I began my training as an Intimacy Coordinator in 2018 when Ita O'Brien first came to Australia, thanks to the Equity Foundation. I was part of a small group of professionals selected by Ita to participate in advanced training, to complete level 1 . Since then, myself and a team of professional performers, teachers and theatre and film-makers have met regularly to practice and discuss the work, continuing our training. In 2020 I underwent further training with IDC through a series of webinars on varying intimacy topics and areas of study. In 2021 I completed my level one & two training with IDC, plus extra training in Non-Violent Communication and Mental Health First Aid. 
In 2022, I was accepted into the level 3 certification program with IDC. I travelled to New York to complete this training and am now a fully qualified intimacy coordinator. 
My Experience:
I have worked on multiple film and theatre projects including: Flunk (Youtube, season 5) Dark Arcadia, Run Baby, The Good Boy, Black Trans Miracle, Torch Song & Coming Out. 
I have hosted multiple workshops for organisations such as: RMIT, Howard Fine Acting Studio and Drama Victoria; educating actors, film makers, directors and teachers on how to approach intimate content and consent & boundary practices.  I also teach in-person workshops for actors, film makers and creatives on intimacy. 
I am an advocate for best practice of all intimacy work and believe films & TV productions will benefit greatly from implementing the guidelines and hiring an intimacy coordinator.
In the Press:
Variety Article
Please feel free to contact me to discuss or learn more about intimacy and hiring an intimacy coordinator or consultant:  
* An asterisk indicates certification is pending. Intimacy Professionals who are “certification pending” are currently enrolled in IDCs Level 4 mentorship program. They have completed extensive training in this discipline and are on their way to becoming fully certified with IDC.
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