CONfetti & chaos Fringe Reviews
'[Rebecca] Fortuna is simply brilliant. She embodies each role with ease, with enough differences to make them unique.' 5*STARS
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'I think I’ve found the best Fringe Show ever! For a couple of reasons Confetti & Chaos is just a brilliantly excellent and totally scatty show to be part of.' 5*STARS
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'This talented team demonstrate their fabulous improvisation skills.' 5*STARS
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Faulty Towers Fringe Reviews
‘Sybil [Rebecca Fortuna] had the voice of Prunella Scales down to a tee and it took no effort to imagine we were back in the 70s and dining in her hotel.’
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'Rebecca Fortuna, in a perfectly terrible wig, plays prim Sybil, ever riding shotgun in the wake of her husband’s abominations. She’s a breath of sanity. Just a breath. The show is generally off the wall and deliciously crazy.' 5*STARS
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'The actors are outstanding mimics and you can expect all the delightful quirks and mannerisms of the original show that made it so memorable over the years.' 5* STARS
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'Basil, Sybil, and Manuel were all incredibly precise in their character recreations… It absolutely felt like we were watching Sybil Fawlty as she berated Basil and Manuel as only she can.' 4.5* STARS
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'The presence of mind of these actors, to be able to adapt to an unpredictable crowd and their ability to stay in character throughout the shows entirety should be commended.' 4* STARS
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'Basil, Sybil and Manuel provide the kind of assured performances you expect from a theatre company that’s been performing its take on Fawlty Towers since 1997.' 4* STARS
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‘…you know it’s a good show when everyone in the room is in stitches of laughter at the antics of the actors. This was audience interaction at its finest…’ 4.5* STARS
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Fool For Love Reviews
'Fortuna’s May is all red headed passion and wildly attractive, but the underlying pain and uncertainty are palpable. She’s quite marvellous.'
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'Fortuna’s depiction of the strong yet fragile May is genuine and honest...Fortuna allows her whole body and performance to be painfully taken over by May as events culminate on this tragic evening.'
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'Mark Davis and Rebecca Fortuna are a force to be reckoned with. They bring to the stage the intensity required for this performance. They easily captivate the audience not only with their physical beauty but the natural chemistry that flows between them.'
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'Rebecca Fortuna's May, who is fiery and strong willed, yet vulnerable. Her quieter moments are heartbreaking.'
Theatre Nerd
'This is not a play for the faint-hearted. The intensity between May and Eddie is relentless and a challenge for any actor. Obsessive passion, insecurity and physical threat have to be balanced in the character portrayals, on top of the demands of the American accents and idiom, but Rebecca and Mark fulfilled their roles admirably.'
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The Boys Reviews
'She delivers an excellent performance with tough poignance. She has a broad range and this play is a good vehicle.'
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'As the long suffering Michelle...Rebecca Fortuna brings a lovely energy and vitality.'
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'Rebecca Fortuna and Heidi Lupprian (Michelle and Jackie) work powerfully in their scenes together'
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'Rebecca Fortuna, who played Michelle, possessed the most natural talent of the ensemble.'
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