A Climate Story.
Seedlings follows the story of four youth who have never taken a breath of fresh air. Set in the latter half of the 21st century; deforestation, the rise of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change have left Earth's air unbreathable. 
They dream of a world full of trees, which they have learnt about through stories and books. Full of hope and the urge to fight for their planet, they long to regrow the forest that their ancestors destroyed. 

This film was created in response to the devastating 2020 bushfires in Australia, with the hope to stimulate conversations and awareness of our planet's dire need for intervention and change, which will hopefully be forged and led by the next generation. Our short film was rehearsed and shot in one day with four very talented students from Red Theatricals Acting Bootcamp
The cast and creative team of Seedlings raised $600 for Zoos Victoria Fighting Extinction & Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund in January 2020. We created a beautiful film about climate change, our effect on the earth and it's potential fate. 
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